Rich Smith/ Minister/Director of Pacific C.A.R.E. Missions
P.O. Box 5294/ Kailua-Kona, Hi./ 96745
(970) 389-0363
e-mail: or

NOTE: the Samoa Missions are chartered by Mission of Hope Ministries:

the Fanning Island Mission-Ministry is chartered under: TRINITY FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL 

 EIN 99-0342244-501c3        

Dr. + N. K. SMITH, ThD DD,  Presiding Elder   (808) 329-1123


2 Responses

  1. I was on the Statendam, recently met Rich on the pier in Kona. After talking to him, I spent the next two days gathering every usable item that I could to give to these people. I had so much stuff that I had to make two trips ashore. I dedicated my day to going shack to shack donating and teaching them of the items I had. Tide laundry pods, they had no idea how to use, they loved magazines, flashlights, bar soap, one woman asked me for a book, I had one called “Guilty Wives” bought it in the Atlanta Airport! shampoo, lotion, conditioner, I had to teach them how to use cereal boxes and add milk. Even taught three young kids how to skip on the dusty trails. This was by far the highlight of my cruise. I can go to the beach anytime, can these people get our help anytime???????

    Give of yourselves, they are so appreciative. Give any item you don’t need. Go to their homes, ASK if you may come in, I was most welcome. They enjoyed my time, however I had to go seek them out. I found that some just don’t come out to meet the ship. They were really grateful for my visit and my time. Go off the beaten path, it will be the most rewarding experience of your life. Its safe, no worries.

    I hope I am fortunate enough to visit again

  2. […] Your prayers, financial support and partnerships allow us to do the work God has called us to do. We are so grateful and thank you for viewing this Blog and the ongoing updates. To help please see the contact info here […]

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