Current Fanning Island MEDICAL CLINIC conditions

The first week of June 2014, PCM was blessed to have received video footage of the current Medical Clinic on Fanning Island that PCM has helped over the years and was built by the local council using supplies donated by many special friends of PCM.

One special group of 3 guys, captain Bill Bourdon, Jay Sennewald and MikeMckenna

Pic_0415_117  Pic_0416_125 sailed down on the Alisha June and stayed on the island for about one month. Jay filmed the clinic and did some interviews with the head nurse and a local resident named Ben Oten. When you view the footage here  you will see and understand about the condition and needs the clinic currently has.

It is our hope at PCM, that you may be inspired to help us obtain and deliver a much needed solar/battery storage systems, electrical and lighting materials that can greatly improve the clinic and it’s use, especially when needed during the nighttime emergencies and care. To view a video info/com about this great system and the current funding program needing your help please click here. As Director of Pacific C.A.R.E. Missions, I truly feel this is a much needed and life saving piece of equipment and power system that the medical clinic must get. We really need your help to fund and get this system to the island. It’s hard to believe that this clinic must be in use at night and not have any effective lighting during medical emergencies and the many births they have on the island. Your generous funding would help get the power system there and in use at the most needed of times.

Currently, some primer and white paint is being sent by the SV KWAI to preserve the existing raw wood doors and paneling and to brighten the inside of the rooms.

Before the crew of guys left Kona Hawaii, they were also willing to take over 350 Highlight Children’s magazines and 200 Gideon Life Books to be donated to the island council so they could be used in the local schools.

Pic_0415_119 Pic_0415_120

It is the Compassionate hearts of people like them that allow people on Fanning to have fulfilled and longer lives. Thanks so much Men!