NOTE: If you are a future visitor to Fanning island with supplies to donate, please contact me directly to find out the best method of giving the supplies to a trustworthy representative of the council, clinics or schools.
Pacific CARE Missions director

Currently, doing online CC donations is not available
Financial Donations are best written to: PACIFIC CARE MISSIONS
Donations can be sent to:

Rich Smith / Pacific CARE Missions
P.O. Box 5294/ Kailua-Kona, Hi./ 96745

Thank you for your much needed support help…
No salaries or other overhead are paid from donations to PCM. 100 percent of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to obtaining and delivering the needed supplies during past sailings and to continually help other passengers thru information from this website and other means. Since 2003, when we started helping Fanning Island, many expenses have been covered thru partner donations. Currently though, about $35,000 still is in need to cover the past expenses and we hope this can be sponsored and finalized someday with your help and partnership.



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