The need is so great at this time to help the people in the Line Islands (Christmas, Fanning and Washington) as the NCL ships have discontinued sailing to Fanning Island and fewer air cargo planes are flying to Christmas Island. Only a few possible air charters and public or private sailing vessels are able to deliver supplies at this time. There are hopefully a few of the Holland America sailings still choosing Fanning Island and not Christmas Island.

You can be very helpful to the people of the Line Islands now and in the future by being a part of helping us obtain and deliver much needed medical and school supplies to the islands during an upcoming sailing to Fanning Island on the April 2015  Pacific/Tahiti Statendam cruise. It would be so helpful if you could partner with us to obtain, purchase and donate some supplies (see wish list). Should you just like to help our ministry needs with a donation for us to cover past expenses and obtain and deliver more supplies for these and future missions, we would be so blessed. Your partnership is very important and gratefully appreciated.

Our ministry organization has been helping the island for the last 10 years and would also like to help you be a part of taking more much needed and important supplies to Fanning Island. Our biggest reason to get you this information is to help save lives and improve the health and education conditions on Fanning. Besides being impacted personally, other people sailing to Fanning have said to me: “After seeing how much they (the people living on Fanning) need our help I want to give and do more to help them” or “I am so glad I heard about the needs on Fanning before going because I was able to help them in some way” and also “how can I help you further with what you are doing to help the people?” I personally have seen and heard of people able to live better and longer lives because of the compassionate help and giving of others like you.

Visit the Latest News page to see some information about the many supplies that were delivered on previous cruises.

This website has been developed for you to access information about our ministry work to Fanning Island. There are some video footage links on the MEDIA  page to help you see our methods of operations and a better view of the island and conditions there. Our website also has a “Wish List” page, of items requested and needed by the nurses, schools and educators on the island, for you to access.

The following pictures show the present Fanning Island village clinics, the NCL compound clinic (now abandoned) and the new recently built Health Center.  Also, shown, are some examples of equipment that was donated on past sailings, and some examples of supplies we hope to purchase again from Costco and other retailers before going down to Fanning Island.

Clinic 2

Clinic 3Napari village clinic

Compound Clinic NCL compound clinic (abandoned)





There are so many young and pregnant mothers, children, teens and adults suffering and dying needlessly because of the lack of equipment or medical supplies. These needed supplies could be freely made available by the abundant surplus in Hawaii and your partnership.

We do offer a 501-c3, Federal Tax Deduction receipt for any donated items you might be able to give us and for any financial gifts to help us purchase supplies and cover the expenses involved in this mission-work.

Thank you for your interest in this life saving mission, and let’s make the most of our upcoming sailing to Fanning, to help a needy island and beautiful people group.
Please feel free to also contact me about other ways you can be a part of helping the needs of the people on the Line Islands in the future.


3 Responses

  1. Aloha
    I am the tour guide for Holland America for the current cruise, and hopefully again for the November cruise. Several guest asked what they could take down and, unfortunately there isn’t much time today for them to gather supplies. I would love to be in touch with you prior to the next sail as I think I may be able to let people know about the needs.



    • thanks so much Lisa. You have been one of the greatest helpers to the people of Fanning Island. I pray you will be able to sail there many more times in the future.

  2. Hi Rich! Yes I will be on the November sailing. Looking forward to meeting you.
    I know that in the spring a guest broke their ankle by stepping into a crab hole and needed to be medically evacuated. There are no working toilets so there may be a concern about sewage problems, but I did not see any evidence of a problem.
    Our guest that did go ashore had a great experience and many said it was the highlight of their cruise. The graciousness of the people, the simplicity of life and the beauty of the island charmed the guest. I look forward to going back.

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