Wish List

Wish List of Current Needs for Cruise Ship visits:

requested Fanning Island needs for future sailings

For Schools: Photo printer paper (HP), plain papers, spiral and perforated notebooks, math sets, reading books, ballpoint pens (red, blue, black), pencils (regular and colored), pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, writing pads, chalk & chalkboards, diaries, scissors, staplers, file folders, paper clips, wall clocks, new and used working laptop computers

SPORTS: volley balls, basket balls, soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, tennis balls and racquets, jump ropes, Frisbees

LIFESTYLE: clean lightweight clothing, T shirts, shorts, under-ware, laundry soaps, slippers, flip flops, sandals, infant onesies, nightwear, cloth diapers (flat fold preferred), baby wipes, sanitary pads, basic cosmetics and toiletries, hair supplies (clips, beads, ribbons, elastics, barrettes, wide tooth combs), nail care items, safety pins, zip lock bags, soaps and shampoos, dish towels, face cloths, bath towels, sheets, mosquito netting, water filtration equipment

fishing gear (line, hooks, etc), sewing materials and supplies, garden seeds (tropical climate), bikes in working order, candles

FOOD: canned, dried fruit and nuts etc.
TOOLS: info to be updated per requests

Wish List for Fanning Island Medical Clinics

It is our hope at PCM, that you may be inspired to help us obtain and deliver a much needed solar/battery storage systems, electrical and lighting materials that can greatly improve the clinic and it’s use, especially when needed during the nighttime emergencies and care. To view a video info/com about this great system and the current funding program needing your help please click here. As Director of Pacific C.A.R.E. Missions, I truly feel this is a much needed and life saving piece of equipment and power system that the medical clinic must get. We really need your help to fund and get this system to the island. It’s hard to believe that this clinic must be in use at night and not have any effective lighting during medical emergencies and the many births they have on the island. Your generous funding would help get the power system there and in use at the most needed of times.


Note: prescription medications are needed but due to restrictions and legal requirements please contact Rich Smith about any prescription medications and how future opportunities can be allowed.

Any over the counter medicines ARE allowed to donate which include the following:

pediatric meds

non aspirin pain meds (recommended), aspirin


misc diarrhea meds/liquids

multi vitamins (prenatal vitamins and elderly)

cold/flu meds/cough allergy/sinus medications


band-aids/dressing supplies, bandaging materials, steristrips tape, Coban/Coach elastic dressing rolls

dry powdered polypore, Neosporin, first aid gel/creams/ointments


betadine (sponges, swabs, solutions)

hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, alcohol swabs, surgical scrub brushes

L/M/S surgical gloves & large non-sterile gloves

suturing sets (needle driver, forceps, and scissors)

scalpels, scalpel handles for #3 and #4 blades

surgical blades

large syringes (good for irrigating wounds), misc. syringes

battery operated disposable cauterizes

IV solutions


Baby infant formula is no longer requested (Breast feeding by the mothers is more encouraged)

Ben Gay, Icy Hot

antifungal, creams, gels and ointments

salicylic acid (tropical fungal infections), sulfur powder (for mixing with vinegar to fight fungal infections)



benzyl benzoate (for children’s scabies)

lice kits

ear drops and wax softener

antibacterial soaps, shampoos, hand sanitizers, hand and baby wipe towelets

toothbrushes, toothpastes

sunglasses, glasses


ready to use enemas

Ace bandages

mosquito/bug repellants

non-sterile gloves


large lidded plastic containers (rubber maid etc)

lights/bulbs (can run off solar/batteries)

blood pressure machines

head lamps (for suturing etc)

cavit and basic dentistry tools

sharp disposal bio/hazardous boxes

Otorscope (extra batteries and bulbs)

re-breather mask

medical related books

glucometers, test strips and lancets

blood pressure machines

All types of batteries
stationary (pens, envelopes and other office items)

backpacks for nurses and teachers

chest drawers, hand sinks

folding tables, tables, plastic shelving and cabinet units
rubbish bins, tanks for rain water
beds, pads (folding foam type and inflatable)

TV (solar/battery operated or can use with 110/220volts) for nurses to watch educational films etc.

DVD/VIDEO player (multi NTSC/PAL) (maybe solar/battery operated or can use with 110/220volts), educational DVD’s / movies (non combative or improper types)
small refrigerators (solar/battery operated) for their vaccines

12 Volt / solar light for night emergency

Thank you so much for helping with these needed items for the schools, medical clinics and People of FANNING ISLAND
for any questions, further info or suggestions please contact: Rich Smith

(970)389-0363 / email: rich@pacificcaremissions.org
website: www.pacificCAREmissions.org

Pacific C.A.R.E. Missions collects surplus and outdated (but still good) medical and educational supplies from the many sources in Hawaii, and purchases needed supplies to help those in need. Normally these outdated meds and/or replaced pieces of equipment are still very usable and many times near new. Usually they are taken to a local dumpster and discarded. We have found that there is a great need for these items in our 3rd world Pacific Island Countries where even a Band-Aid is rare and hard to find. We do offer a 501-c3, Federal Tax Deduction for these and any financial gifts. For more information please see our contact page.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Brother
    I have a lot of test strips and lancets that I can never use if you would like them you are welcome to them I do not have the meters though I have over 2500 test strips and about 200 lancets that will work with about any lancet device. none are open and still in the boxes they came in you are welcome to them if you like

  2. Carol Foley, on November 14, 2010 at 11:05 am said:
    Hi Rich,
    We were on the Sept sailing of the Rotterdam and learned about you. Many ship guests would have done something if they would have known in advance. Carol Foley

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