Sept 2011 WESTERDAM Cruise Mission Newsletter

The first 4 days of the recent Sept. 24-29th 2011 Pacific Coastal Sailing on the Holland America ms WESTERDAM,  was the begining for some of the passengers sailing to the S. Pacific, and was a great opportunity for information to be passed on to the passengers about how they could help Fanning Island and for the ship to be involved for their first visit to Fanning.
Over 30 Cruise Critic members and other invitees attended a private gathering in the Crows Nest, the day after the 1st Meet and Greet get together, to hear from Rich Smith/ Director of PCM, about helping and visiting Fanning Island. It was also a time for the various attendees to ask questions about the island and how PCM has been involved.The guests that attended were very interested in hearing the information and it made for a way to start the word of mouth networking of information with other future passengers boarding in San Diego.
While in San Diego, a connection was made with Jim & Fae Lumsden who offered their assistance with getting the sponsored security wire for the Fanning Island Health center delivered. They also took a water filter system to the island to show one of the important local residents, and gather information to see if it could be useful there.
The wire, sponsored by partner to PCM John Schell, and  passengers Julia Anderson and Laural Bridge, was purchased in Seattle area and placed onboard  before the ship set sail.

The ship was able to make a sucessful visit to Fanning Island and many items were doanted and the passengers were also able to deliver their donated supplies!!!! More pictures of that to be added soon.

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